BCPS 2011-2012 Technology Integration Motto True Technology INTEGRATION lets the curriculum drive the instructional technology tool.


Professional Development / Teacher Orientation

Teacher Work Days in July/August - 6-hour Technology Orientation / Refresher Training for all Elementary Schools (Middle and High Schools are 2-hour training sessions in teams/departments as needed)

We try to offer TWO district technology PD's a month (when schedules and breaks allow). One of the two PD's is usually district "necessity" specific (whatever we see throughout the district as a 'need' for technology integration) and the other PD is Common Core specific (creating and providing specific resources, lesson plans, and applications to meet the technology embedded Common Core Standards). All of our PD's focus on the "curriculum" with embedded technology to meet the goals/plans/objectives of all subject areas when possible.

Signing up for Professional Development opportunities takes place through ourd District PD site and then we send the principal notification, have record of attendance, follow-up after PD for additional training, and send attendees PD certificates of attendance directly from the site.

We send out a weekly "Technology TIPS" email as well as our calendar for scheduling opportunities / reminders (lesson planning, modeling, job-embedded PD, etc.). Our goal when planning a new technology lesson with the teachers is to follow the four-step rule:
  1. Plan
  2. Model
  3. Team Teach
  4. Teacher teaches with support from me
  5. Final Projects (usually presented or finished when possible without the TIS depending on the lenght of the project)

SAMPLE Technology TIPS Email below:

BCPS Professional Development Resources

September – CPS / Clickers

October - Google Safe Searching with ELA Common Core Standards
October – iPad/iPod Applications
Facebook BCPS Technology Resources (LIKE us) – https://www.facebook.com/bcpstechnology

November – Class Discussions / Collaboration with ELA Common Core Standards

December - Technology Tools for Math with the Math Common Core Standards

January - Open Lab with emphasis on Previous PD’s and Tools

February – Ipad / Ipod App Resource Sharing

March- Web Resources to Enhance Common Core Instruction

April- Smart Board Tools and Resources

April- Program Review Technical Support / Editing Pictures / Trimming Movies / Uploading to Sharepoint
Program Review Link and Cheat Sheet
Windows Movie Maker Cheat Sheet
Microsoft Photo Editor – Cropping and Compressing Pictures
Using Sharepoint as a Folder

May - Open Lab with emphasis on Previous PD’s and Tools
Open Lab Wikispace for Extra Tools